A Love Letter to Pre-Internet

           After a long week of school, you wake up, pulling the blankets off your legs. The sun is shining through your window, you slept through the morning. Dad’s downstairs singing, the sweet smell of pancakes in the air. You walk down wafting in the new day. Mom’s reading the paper on the couch, she looks up and smiles at you and your little siblings don’t look up at all. They are absorbed, laughing together at the Saturday cartoons, decked out in pajamas and wonder. You get a feeling deep in your chest, joy, as you look out the window and see friends riding by on bikes, they wave to you expectantly. The day is yours, the possibilities are endless. Stepping outside, the air is crisp and the road is a long, winding path towards self-discovery.

          There is a certain nostalgia that comes with thinking of pre-internet days, we spent time in different ways. Thinking, reading, walking with no specific direction in mind, or nonchalantly chatting with a stranger.

            We live in a time of highly advanced technology, global connection, new ideas and a spreading of thought and art all over. All this is wonderful, but everything has its drawbacks. At Pre-Internet we obsess over the time spent relaxing near rainy windows, lit candles, and the world in all its wonder shields us away in our warm cove.

            Where are the days of setting suns in the cool air, turning home, the lights flicker on instinctively, their inner glow like captured specks of that far off sleeping sun. Walking slowly, a bird flutters past, excitedly tweeting, weaving through branches from tree to tree, others are joining into. A massive chorus of various tones and melodies, as the cars with their headlights swing by with a swoosh and your shoes are dusty as they crunch gravel happily. The world is smiling through its ever-various signs of life in all its complexity, you can’t help but smile back.

           We are here to bring back a forgotten memory, to capture something that got lost in the past. Welcome to Pre-Internet, we are glad you are here!